Top Shelf Disc Supply specializes in providing premium collector plastic as well as modern disc golf discs, apparel and gear. Catch us online, FaceBook, or at one of our pop up shops at events and tournaments. Top Shelf Disc Supply is active in the disc community, sponsoring courses, events, clubs and players. Looking to sell your collection? Click Here!

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Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm


  1. What type of payment is accepted?
    Credit card and PayPal is accepted at checkout. If you would like to arrange a cash pick up please email us at
  2. How quickly are orders processed?
    Orders will be processed within 24 – 48 hours of purchase unless otherwise notified due to business or holiday closures.
  3. Will tracking for my order be provided?
    Yes of course! Tracking will be provided when orders are processed.
  4. How will my discs be mailed?
    Single disc orders <$35 will be shipped in a bubble mailer with cardboard backing. Orders >$35, multi disc or large orders will be shipped in a box.
  5. Where is the home page button?
    To get back to the home page at anytime click the Top Shelf Disc Supply logo at the top of the page.
  6. Do I pay for shipping?
    Yes we charge commercial rate shipping. Shipping rates will vary depending on weight & dimensions of your package, destination and method of shipment. When checking out, enter your address & select method of shipment to view shipping costs.
  7. What types of shipping options are available?
    USPS; First-class & priority mail.
  8. What does “disc pictured is what will be received” mean?
    This is a description used across the site for 1 of 1 item. The item that is shown in the pictures is what you will be receiving.
  9. What does “chosen at random” mean?
    Some inventory we have in a variety of colors/foils. Product pictured is for example purposes only. If you would like to try and request a certain color or weight we can try to accommodate your order. During checkout please enter any details in the “Order notes” field.
  10. What’s up with local pick ups?
    Local or arranged pick ups are available automatically when checking out for CA customers in zip codes 93901 – 96162. Local pick ups are in Napa, CA or agreed later date. Arranged pick ups can potentially be made at local Nor Cal events. If your address falls outside the zip code 93901 – 96162 and you would like to place a local or arranged pick up order please email us at
  11. I have received a “coupon”, how do I use it?
    When checking out, there is an opportunity to apply a “coupon code”. Enter your code and select “Apply coupon” to receive your discount.
  12. Does Top Shelf Disc Supply sponsor events?
    Yes Top Shelf Disc Supply is active in the community sponsoring events, supplying goodies for raffles and is also available to Tournament/Club directors seeking vendors for their event.
  13. Does Top Shelf Disc Supply sponsor players?
    Team Top Shelf!
  14. Does Top Shelf Disc Supply accept returns?
    Top Self Disc Supply will accept returns under the following conditions:
    Item received was not what was purchasedDisc/merchandise arrived damaged or not in condition described at time of purchase
    **Please note, return requests must be filed no later than 3 days after receiving the item
    If you would like to file a return please complete the required fields on the “Shipping & Return Policy” page.
  15. Does Top Shelf Disc Supply sell gift cards?
    Yes we do! A gift card always makes a good gift : ) When purchasing your gift card please be aware the “To:” field is the email of the recipient of the gift card. Once your order is processed the email in the “To:” field will automatically receive the gift card via email. If you want to keep it a secret and provide the gift card at a later date we advise you to enter your personal email address so you can surprise the recipient if you so desire.
  16. I have received a gift card, how do I use it?
    When checking out, there is an opportunity to apply a “Gift card number”. Enter your code in the “Have a gift card?” field and click “Apply”.